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Best Tacos in the Whole Universe

Ingredients are not precise, to allow for individual tastes.

2-3 lbs lean ground round
2 lbs XLNT brick chili (No other brand will do. Especially not the drek labeled "Johnson's"!)
1-2 lbs sharp chedder cheese (any other flavor -- i.e., extra sharp, medium, mild, longhorn -- will do, but sharp is best).
1-2 medium onions, white or yellow
2-3 cups chopped celery
3-4 large, ripe tomatoes
1-lb pkg of mixed salad (containing lettuce, carrots, cabbage) You CAN substitute a salad of your own making, but this is easier.
2 dozen corn tortillas
Louisiana hot sauce (other brands are okay; this is best)
Cooking oil
Several dozen napkins or paper towels. These things are MESSY.

Chop all veggies; coarsely grate the cheese; break up chili into 1-2" chunks.

In pot or skillet, cook the ground round until almost done. Add celery, chili, 1/2 to 1 cup of onion, a bit of salt, and several dashes of hot sauce (6-12, depending on your tolerance). Stir until chili is "dissolved"; remove excess oil; stir in 2 cups tomatoes; one double-handful of cheese, reduce heat to low.

Add mayo to salad to desired consistency. I prefer mine sloppy.

In a skillet, heat 1/4" of cooking oil until very hot. Gently slide in one corn tortilla. Immediately turn it over, then fold in the middle. Lift out, letting the oil drain. Place on paper tower to further drain. Repeat with 11 more tortillas. Turn off heat.

This produces soft tortillas. If you prefer them crisp, leave them in the pan for 30-45 seconds..

In the fold of the tortilla, place one very large spoonful of meat mix. Top with another dash of hot sauce, generous sprinkles of cheese, tomatoes, and onion, then a large spoonful of salad. Don a bib. Eat. And prepare to heat up the oil again for the next dozen tortillas. <vbg>